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That reminds me

I don’t want to use this blog solely to write about the cute things my kids say. I really don’t. I do, however, realize that when I became a parent I joined the ranks of parents everywhere who think their children are the most brilliant/funny/clever geniuses ever. The things Carter, our sensitive little lovebug, has said over the years have truly never ceased to amaze me. Mykah, our little comedian, is just now at the learning-to-talk age, and I fear what will come out of her mouth in the years to come.

I often feel that my children are teaching me more than I am teaching them.

For example:

A few weeks ago, Carter was sitting at the kitchen table about to have his dinner. I was tidying up the living room. All of a sudden Carter announces “I’ve never drank someone’s blood before.” In perhaps typical parent-overreacting fashion, I immediately began sternly talking to him, telling him that we don’t talk about those kind of things, that no one drinks someone else’s blood, ect. By the end of my tirade, which finished with, “Where did you hear about people drinking blood?”, he is near tears.

“But, mom, Jesus said we are to drink his blood.”

Oh, boy.

Here I was thinking he was secretly watching vampire shows or that the public school system was already indoctrinating my son with strange theories, and all he was trying to do was wrap his head around the practice of Communion, something he just started seeing in my very own church.

You’ll be pleased to know that we then had a good talk about how Jesus didn’t say that we were actually supposed to drink his blood. We drink grape juice to REMIND us of his blood. We eat the cracker to REMIND us of his body that was broken for us. Sort of like how looking at a picture REMINDS us of when it was taken.

I think Carter’s getting it figured out now…A few nights ago, he said to me, “This strawberry (in his milk) reminds me of Jesus’ blood.”

It does make me wonder if I am looking to be reminded about Jesus in my every-days, in my strawberry milk, so to speak. I called my blog Everyday Spectacular because that’s my desire, to live each and every day in Jesus-honoring, spectacular, if not somewhat externally-ordinary, ways. I am quite convinced Jesus is looking to reveal Himself to each one of us, every day, and He is looking for us to remind the world around us of His presence.

What is Jesus going to use today to remind you of Him?


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3 thoughts on “That reminds me

  1. Mattman on said:

    This blog is so funny! I love it…smart, funny, quirky, Brilliant!

    good times…

  2. Jennifer Wilton on said:

    Wow. Love it.
    Sometimes we get so busy that we miss such moments…moments when Jesus is just wanting to remind us of WHO He is and all that He’s done for us.
    Carter’s comments remind me about the whole childlike faith we’re suppose to reflect in our lives…takes us much more work to have that kind of faith when we “grow up”.
    Good blog 🙂

  3. krysta on said:

    oh my gosh carrie, that is hilarious. so sad he was almost in tears though! 😦 sweet boy 🙂 and i miss these stories, lol. can’t wait for the mykah ones to come!

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