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A fabulous morning

I got to spend some time today with one of my closest friends. She’s been my friend now for almost 10 years and our friendship is very important to me. She is one of those people that you see from afar and think, wow, if I could be her friend, I would be a cooler person. She’s smart, stylish, funny and super in love with Jesus and advancing His kingdom. I will refrain from mentioning her by name, so as not to be called a name-dropper, but really, she’s that amazing.

We took our kids to one of those over-priced indoor play places. I was happy to pay the fees though as this meant there was a slightly elevated possibility that we might get to squeeze in a conversation or two in between interruptions from the kiddos. This plan actually worked quite well.

As I drove away today, I found myself thinking about what it means to have a friend like her. The reality is, it makes me feel less crazy. You see, left to my own devices, I start thinking weird, random thoughts and feeling like a bad parent/wife/ministry-person and on and on. I know that this is not exactly godly thinking and that I need to take every thought captive that sets itself up against the knowledge of Christ. But sometimes it’s just really nice to be around someone that you love and respect so deeply, who tells you that you are normal simply by sharing their own struggles with you.

We didn’t solve the world’s economic issues over chicken nuggets at Wendy’s, but I did leave feeling better about my own. I think she did too.

After all, what are friends for?


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3 thoughts on “A fabulous morning

  1. Mattman on said:

    The Name-dropper! lol…remember him!

  2. Girl that was so sweet. The funny thing is, that how you feel so blessed to have a friend like the one you mentioned, a LOT of people feel that way about having YOU for their friend…..I know I do! =o)

  3. Carrie,
    You really are one of my heros – I am so glad that we are friends. It is true – you make me far less crazy then I would be on my own. By the way – you are a great writer – we should DEFINITELY write a book. Maybe then someday we could solve all of the world’s financial problems!

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