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Bangs & A laugh or two

Jess posted this to her blog this week and I am totally copying her. I feel OK about this though. For one thing, I recently got full bangs and then the very next time I saw Jess, she also had gotten full bangs, saying to me, “I totally copied you.” The really funny part about this is that neither of our husbands like the bangs.  Dave told her she looks like she is about 8 and Jeff told me they make me look like my mom. I love my mom and so does Jeff, and I do hope to look as good as she does when I am her age.  However, I am not her age yet, so I don’t think it was meant to be a compliment. But I digress.

If you need a good laugh, I heartily suggest you watch this video. If you tend to not find things funny, you might as well just skip this.


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2 thoughts on “Bangs & A laugh or two

  1. Monica on said:

    Carrie – Are these people for real??? ha ha ha. Thanks for the laugh!!

  2. I must say, I watched this last night from your facebook link and then had to show Dan. We both got a good chuckle from it. He was stressed out about something today, so I told him to just think of the breakfast song. 🙂

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