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Spring Clean

The winter months have been long here in Ontario. No one will agree with that statement more than me. I think I have been a good sport about the frigid temperatures and piles of snow, but, really, enough is enough. Spring seems like it has finally arrived, and I hope the sunshine lasts ’til right around Christmas. My skin is so white by now, I fear my first sunburn of the year will result in a trip to the ER.

As Spring approaches, I think we tend to develop that urge to make everything in our houses clean and in order. We desire to get back some of the freshness that we lost in our tightly-closed-up houses over the winter. We begin turning our houses upside down and inside out. We have the urge to purge our closets and garages of their unnecessary clutter. We relegate our snowpants and boots to a rubbermaid container in the basement and give our light jackets and flip flops their proper place in our hall closets. We scrub. We scour. We mop. We celebrate our clean houses.

Anybody feeling that way yet?

Yeah, me either. I abhor cleaning my house. I really do. I just can’t be bothered to drag out all the cleaning supplies and get my hands dirty. I get the normal sense of accomplishment when I DO clean, but it takes a lot for me to work up to the task.

But, apparently Jeff was ready for a clean house (and rightfully so) and let me know it on Monday, so Spring Cleaning it was. And I figured that if he was willing to help, I was willing to let him!

In case you were wondering, yes, I was having some thoughts while I was cleaning. Here’s a little sampling.

“Where does all this dirt even come from – Didn’t I JUST mop?” (In reality, the incident in question happened at least 3 weeks ago, so the answer to this question is easy. “Carrie, no, you did not just mop. Quit your whining.”)

Also in regards to the floor, “This is truly disgusting.” (Especially in light of the fact that I usually let my kids eat what falls on the floor if I don’t actually see dirt on it. Yes, I know, I am not winning mother-of-the-year any time soon, but at least my kids have strong immune systems!)

“Why did I wait so long to clean this?” (under the stove and refrigerator. And since we just moved in 7 months ago, this dirt may have been inherited.)

“Why do I even bother cleaning this?” (My glass kitchen tabletop. I mean, really, I have 2 kids aged 5 and 2. Enough said.)

“There are enough crumbs in this cabinet to make up a full piece of toast!”

And perhaps the most important thought I was having…”I hope I don’t get a surprise visit from one of my neighbors right now.” (My cleaning “outfit” of the day was bedhead, a green tank top and tacky red flannel pj pants rolled up past my knees. I promise that no one wants to see this outfit in action.)

I talked Tuesday night at our Kingsview Women’s meeting about the parallels between the physical spring cleaning we do and the spiritual spring cleaning we often neglect. Our spiritual lives don’t often get the attention they so desperately need. There are so many places in me that could use a good, strong scrubbing. There are places in me that are stale and need airing out and freshening up. I have stored some things in my temple (1 Cor. 6:19) that are just cluttering up the place. It’s time to evaluate what needs to be done, get rid of the clutter, use the tools we already possess, and get ourselves back to the place we want to be.

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10

Let’s roll up our sleeves (or in my case, pantlegs) and get to work!


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