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Friday has become the new Saturday around the Johnston household. Jeff recently changed his day off from Monday to Friday, and with men’s meetings at the church every Saturday morning, Fridays are now our day of the week to completely laze around and stay in our jammies for as long as we want. Even Katie, who lives with us, is off on Fridays.I don’t know what we will do next fall when Carter starts going to school every day, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there, I suppose.

So before bed last night Jeff and I decided that in the morning we would do up a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs. (And coffee, but that’s a given). Mykah woke me up at 6:40 and Carter followed at 7:18, so rather than waking Jeff up we set to work making banana bread. The kids really love to help with this, and by 8:00 we had 2 loaves baking in the oven. I even added wheat bran and flax seed this time to make them healthier (I blame Katie’s influence for this, as I don’t recall ever reading labels before she moved in with us!).  Jeff came downstairs a few minutes later and set to work making the bacon and eggs. I love when he makes the bacon because I almost always burn it! So we had a lovely breakfast and then a leisurely morning of Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii for the boys and painting Mykah’s toenails for the girls.

Carter then went to sit down at the table and climbed up on his chair in a strange way that resulted in a huge thud of his head against the table. I braced myself for the tears that were sure to follow. Instead, all he said was, “Wow, I wasn’t expecting that.”

It immediately made me think about life, and all the people I know that are really being wrung through the ringer right now. In one way or another, so many people that I care about, could be saying the exact same thing…”wow, I wasn’t expecting that.”

It’s always the unexpected things that take us by surprise. We, especially we Christians, walk around expecting “the blessing of the Lord”, and are always hit so hard when we get “something else”.

Now, don’t go getting all worked up on me, I assure you that I believe in God’s blessings and I experience them daily in my own life. It’s just that when I think about my neighbors who are facing major surgery this week on their nine year old daughter, or the amazing men and women in our church that are out of work right now, or my friend who just miscarried, or my mom who went through cancer last year, I just can’t help but think that it’s those things that come at us unexpectedly that throw us for the worst kind of ride.

I am not proposing that we live with a pessimistic attitude that expects the worst, but I am wondering why we think life here on earth should always go exactly as we plan and script it out.  Fortunately for us, the Bible promises that one day we will have our perfect paradise. Heaven is our true home…no more tears, no more sickness, no more feeling like God is sometimes a million miles away. I long for that, but until I get there, I want to keep embracing each day as a gift, no matter what it holds. I am so thankful that Romans 8:38-39 says that NOTHING shall be able to separate us from the love of God. It even specifically says “neither the present nor the future”, not what I am going through right this minute or anything that is to come…I am covered by the love of God.

And perhaps the next time I am in the middle of my perfectly lovely “Friday-morning” life and then get an unexpected thud to my head or my heart, I will remember that, God is faithful, no matter what. That’s one expectation I can be sure of.


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2 thoughts on “Expectation

  1. Monica Doody on said:

    I decided to take a small, but wonderful, study break in preparation for my final tomorrow morning. I was thinking to myself – “I wonder what Carrie has been writing about lately?” It was great to read your insight about the unexpected. “He is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made.” Thanks for the little reminder! Enjoy your morning and your coffee!

  2. Jen Wilton on said:

    GOOD word Carrie.
    So true.
    The unexpected does happen…often. And if our heart is not set on the Truth of WHO God really is it can mess with us even more.
    We still walk through the pain of moments (that’s a given!), but we can be ROOTED in Truth- knowing He’s faithful and can work ALL things together for GOOD…somehow…someway.

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