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Fantastic Day

His mercies were new.

My kids were excellent.

I cleaned the bathroom floor in a major way.

Mykah kept her big-girl panties dry until 4pm.

I re-organized my closet.

I received a fun drop-in from some friends.

We played at the park.

I felt the sun.

Jeff made steaks for dinner.

I made it through a grueling 1 hour Body Step class tonight.

My Ford Explorer said that it was 82 degress when I left the gym at 7pm.

It is exactly 24 minutes until 24 starts.

There is an apple pie AND an apple crisp waiting in the fridge.

I love my life.


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3 thoughts on “Fantastic Day

  1. Gerry Gurney on said:

    When you come to visit us this month, I’ll be glad to put you to work on our spring cleaning around here. Dad

  2. Jennifer Wilton on said:

    Awesome day!
    Only missing me of course…but that’s a given 😉

  3. If only there had been ice cream! 😉

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