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Is it wrong?

I received a Dairy Queen gift card from a very thoughtful friend yesterday. I love ice cream and there is just something special about Dairy Queen. I am not sure if it’s the creamy soft serve or the mixed in goodies, but when I order a Blizzard, I smile from the moment I step up to the counter until I scrape the last remnants from the bottom of my cup. It also should be noted that I cannot order a small. I always get in line thinking, “I only need a little one.” But I cannot recall ever leaving a DQ with anything smaller than a medium.

So, back to my gift card…it was a surprise gift and I immediately knew I would have to put it to use right away. Katie and I had a ladies night at church and then we would be coming home to watch the Biggest Loser Finale and to get ready for my trip to Illinois. It made perfect sense to us that we could stop on our way home and pick up (medium) blizzards.

I’ve heard the phrase “pinging off the extremes” used to describe any number of actions. I have to say that while I watch The Biggest Loser every week, I often ping off some rather extreme, extremes. Some weeks I work out on my Gazelle while I watch. I pretend I am burning at least half the calories that the contestents are under Bob and Jillian’s watchful eyes. Who knows, maybe I am…my calorie counter on the Gazelle is broken, so for all I know, I am burning more than they are. On Gazelle nights, I also do crunches and munch on a carefully cut-up plate of delicious, nutritious fruit. I am the epitome of self-discipline.

Then there are the other weeks…on those nights, I skillfully ignore my Gazelle glaring at me from the corner of the living room. I, well, I stop at Dairy Queen and sit on my big, comfy couch and pig out.

However, after last night’s finale, I have decided that I have some changes to make…next season I will more strategically schedule my over-indulging to take place while the contestants still weigh 300+ pounds and will pull the Gazelle out as I watch the Finale! Is it wrong to have such a subjective means of affirming myself? I suspect the answer is a resounding yes. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Is it wrong?

  1. Katie on said:

    And we always need to thank great friends for fantastic gift ideas! 🙂

  2. Katie on said:

    Why would you ever want to change your ways? We both know that at the end of next season there will be no gazelle and only delicious ice cream! Remember though…we’re celebrating their success!!! haha!

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