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Rental Cars

I traveled to Illinois with my kids last Wednesday. This means a LONG car ride, and because we are a one-car, one-motorcycle family, I have to get a rental car for my travels so that Jeff can still get around even if it rains. I took the same trip in March and for that trip I booked with Enterprise. I  booked an intermediate car on Travelocity with unlimited kilometers. Come to find out, the unlimited kilometers is only if you stay in Ontario. They ended up charging me an extra $35 for unlimited elsewhere. I hate when the fine print infringes on my plans. I also ended up with an intermediate car with no cruise control. After this March trip, I now know that cruise control is a must-have for me on road trips. I just cannot seem to keep a constant pressure on the gas pedal.

Anyway, I booked with Enterprise again. I figured the $35 extra fee would be the same and I could simply request a car with cruise control this time. On the day of the rental, I called for a pick-up. This is, after all, their slogan (Call Enterprise, we’ll pick you up). I think this is fabulous, considering if you are renting a car, there is the distinct possibly that it might be difficult for you to get to the rental counter if you don’t currently have a car! So they pick me up, but I learned a couple of things.  Apparently none of the intermediate cars at Enterprise have cruise control and my extra charge was going to be $48 this time. WHAT? So, I end up having to pay the $48 and also pay to upgrade to a full-size with cruise control. (But really, is a Kia Magentis actually a full-size car? I think not.)

All in all, I have concluded that if I continue renting a car for a week’s rental every two months, it just might be that it would be cheaper to BUY another car! (One with cruise control, of course!)


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One thought on “Rental Cars

  1. oh man… i dont’t know how you do it! having only one car killed grant and i (and we don’t have 2 kids!). yikes!

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