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Kindred spirits

Ok, I have a confession. I have been living my life and haven’t had much extra time to record the details. Can you forgive me?

Well, of course you can. In fact, since so few people read this blog, it’s probably safe to say I just need to forgive myself and move on!

My dear friend Amy has been visiting from Dallas this weekend. She and I became fast friends when I first moved to Florida in July 2004 and we were both staff wives at Victory church. I think it all started when she came over to my new apartment to help me unpack and we ended up going to Target for Starbucks instead. The boxes did eventually get unpacked, then repacked and unpacked again when we moved into our house. Then, sad for me, Amy had to get her own boxes packed when she and Jeremy decided to move to Dallas in January 2007 to become the new Student Ministries directors for a large church there.

Our kids are the same age but opposite genders and where they are concerned, Chloe WILL marry Carter one day and Ethan WILL marry Mykah. I don’t really see a problem with arranged marriages where my children are concerned as long as I am the one doing the arranging, and choosing of the in-laws.

Last year we both turned 30 and to celebrate we split a ticket and I flew out to Dallas to be together for a weekend of shopping, coffee, and lots of laughing.

Then I moved back to Ontario. And we decided that we needed to keep doing a trip once  a year. Which brings us up to the present…it is our weekend of shopping, coffee and lots of laughing  here in Ontario! The only negative about this, is that her visit is already halfway over…but that’s ok, it’s a long walk to the Buffalo airport and I am seriously considering holding her hostage.



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2 thoughts on “Kindred spirits

  1. Amy Mount on said:

    I am still shocked that you actually took me to the airport! So here I am in Texas, drinking coffee by myself wondering when I will see my friend Carrie again, wishing she and her husband would break down and get a webcam that way our children could reunite and Carter would consider Chloe again!

  2. Gerry Gurney on said:

    Just checking in on my daughter. Glad you enjoyed Amy’s visit.
    By the way, I am not for arranged marriages especially for my own children. They made great choices on their own and didn’t need my input.

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