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I have two very different children. They are both darling, of course, but have very different temperaments and personalities. Carter, our five year old, is our ultra-affectionate child. I have always felt like he is just pure love. He is snuggly and sweet and is very social. He is also quite reliant on me to do most everything for him. For example, if I would allow it, he would be quite happy if I would still be spoon-feeding him for all his meals.

On the other hand, do you remember those Little Mr. and Little Miss Books? If Mykah, our two year old, starred in one of those books, its title would be Little Miss Independent. At the park, just an hour ago, another mom was calling her, Little Miss Daredevil, so I suppose that could also be the title of her book. She simply shows no fear, and heaven help you, if you get in her way (as Carter did a few weeks ago, and was “rewarded” with a shove down the basement stairs. Ouch. Maybe her book would be Miss Bully?)

Anyway, her independence is working in my favor in regards to potty-training. After the ordeal of training Carter, suffice it to say that I was not excited about trying my luck, er,  potty training skills, with child number two. However, she is doing fantastic. She wants to go all the time and is having fewer and fewer accidents…not bad for a girl that just turned 2! She also is all about climbing into her car seat by herself and buckling herself in….”myself, mommy.” She loves getting dressed… “me pick, mommy.”
Ans she loves to sing along with every song she hears…”me try, mommy.” Just now, she went over and put a movie on for herself and them proudly proclaimed…”i did it, mommy!”

I was wondering today if I was to count, how many times she exerts her independence in a single day. It’s a big number, that I am sure of. To be honest, I get a little frustrated with it at times. There are some things that I can just do faster and better than she can, and the constant hearing of “my-do” throughout the day can be a bit grating.

Mykah peed her pants at the park today. I had to take her home to change. I didn’t yell at her for having an accident. I just changed her and cleaned her up and then sent her on her way. I know with my help and support, she will one day be a toilet champ.

I was thinking about all of this today and wondered if God sometimes feels the same way about me…I wonder if I press for my own way too often when I should be asking for His help? I can certainly be Little Miss Independent, and that’s not always such a great thing to be. I too easily can forget that it’s His strength I really need in my life, and His strength shows up best in my weakness, not in my “I can do this on my own” attitude that I wear as some sort of a badge of honor…hmmm….


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3 thoughts on “My-Do!

  1. Monica on said:

    Oh Carrie! Is Carter ok?? I just read this – I’m sure he is fine. But just the thought of him down the basement stairs was rough! Ha. Your kids are so great!

  2. Little miss independent is rather much like her mommie was when she was a little miss! Love ya!

  3. Matt on said:

    How much time has she been spending with Alex? (little miss bully?) lol

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