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My coffeemaker broke last weekend. I felt like someone close to me had died, albeit an easily replaceable family member. Within 15 minutes I was in the car headed to the store to buy a new one. Halfway there I felt guilty and turned around though because Jeff had wanted me to wait and try to take the broken one back to Fortinos and get a new one in exchange for the old one. Fortinos was not open at the time of breakage, or I would have been headed there first, although I do not relish taking things back without a receipt.

A couple of coffee-less days went by.

Ok, that’s a lie. I live in Tim Horton’s land. I drove through for a couple of coffees in the absence of my own coffee maker. I am resourceful. I made a way.

I have a new coffeemaker now, thanks to my husband and his ability to con the lady at the store into exchanging our old one for a new one, even though we had no receipt. He is the master at these sorts of things. It should be noted that even if we had a receipt, the warranty states that you must call their number for all repairs and replacements, not take it back to the store.

I am a pushover. If it had been me, the lady at the return desk would have told me she couldn’t do it, I would then thank her and then be walking out the door with a broken worthless coffeemaker in one hand and the new coffeemaker in the other hand minus the $45 I had to spend for the new one. Jeff always calls for a manager after the first refusal and then leaves with what he wanted in the first place. In this case, my new beautiful coffeemaker.

It is a mystery to me.


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4 thoughts on “Con-Artistry

  1. Monica on said:

    All I want to know is if PJ will do jobs like this on the side? I have a few things that need to be returned without the receipt… 🙂

  2. You left out the part where you took my coffee maker from my office hostage as a motivator for me to get the replacement… Of course I was going to make it happen =)

  3. Gerry Gurney on said:

    Enjoy the brew….Dad

  4. Hahaha….You know I can’t do it either! Glad Jeff could and you have a replacement now!

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