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I inherited bunions on both of my feet, thanks to both of my grandmas who have them. I think the fact that there were “bunion-genetics” on both sides of the gene pool, helped to ensure that not only would I have them, but they would be massive. This could have something to do with the way they mercifully skipped both of my parents and then reigned down their fury on me. In case you are unaware, bunions are a sort of malformation of the joint/bones below a person’s (my!) big toes.

I have many friends who are in love with shoes. No shopping trip is complete without a new pair. Their closets’ boast of shoes in every color and style. They would be called shoe-horses (as opposed to a clothes-horse, of which I might actually consider myself.) I have been accused of owning too many shoes as well. I have a very good reason for this though. If I actually stumble upon a pair of cute, or even ugly, shoes that will fit my feet, I absolutely must buy them and then keep them until I wear the soles out. This is the reason I own so many shoes and why many of them are quite old, and I will admit, out of fashion. Although shopping for a swimsuit is still the absolute worst experience I can think of, shoe shopping for me is a close second. (and, God forbid, if I have to do both in the same day, I will need much coffee and therapy afterwards.)

I have been in many different “healing” services over the years. I have prayed fervently that God would heal my feet. As I feel no pain from my bunions as long as I am wearing wide enough shoes, I would have to actually remove my shoes and then peek to see if I had been healed. I never was. Not that I am upset by this, just repeatedly disappointed. Perhaps these bunions are my “thorn in the flesh” that Paul speaks of in 2 Corinthians 12:7 “To keep me from becoming conceited because of these surpassingly great revelations, there was given me a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me.”

Anyway, regardless of the Lord’s reasoning, I am now 31 and still dealing with my extra-wide tootsies. For the last month, however, there is a new cause for concern. My right foot has a now constant pain throughout it. I keep thinking it will go away, but, alas, it seems to daily be getting worse. I finally booked an appointment with my doctor to begin to investigate what I should do.

One thing’s for sure, I liked this thorn in my flesh alot better when I could regulate the pain on my own, through my choices of sensible footwear. The thought of surgery to remove them, as one of my grandma’s did, makes me want to bawl my eyes out. The thought of this shooting, throbbing pain is not much better.


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2 thoughts on “Bunions

  1. Karen Thompson on said:

    I hear you girl, I have a nasty bunion on my left foot which I am scheduled to have surgery on in 2010 if you can believe it. I understand the shoe problem and sympathize completely.

    • everydayspectacular on said:

      Karen, we are going to have to talk more about this the next time I see you!!! misery loves company, as they say!

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