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Flooded or aka, I love my Carter – Part 2

I didn’t get the memo. You know, the one about how summer in Ontario was being replaced with rain and floods.

see this link for the visual…http://www.hamiltonspectator.com/video2/newflooded/

On Sunday, it started downpouring during Jeff’s sermon. In the lobby afterwards, I was telling people that it would be ok with me if they wanted to drive right through the lobby to pick up their families! (Have I mentioned that I don’t think our church knows quite what to make of me yet!?) I then had to transfer carseats from Katie’s car to my truck in the deluge. To make matters worse, Mykah must have kicked the back window crank open that morning because she ended up with one extremely wet seat.

The rain lets up slightly just as Jeff exits the church. (Is it possible that God really does like him better?)

I agree to drive home, but am quickly regretting that decision as we descend down the Red Hill Parkway. It is flooded. Water is gushing across the road all the way down to the QEW. I found myself clenching the steering wheel, as if my white knuckles would procure better traction for my tires.

We finally merge onto the QEW and I start breathing a bit more normally.

Then Carter in a very somber voice speaks out from behind me…

“God is going to flood the whole earth.”


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3 thoughts on “Flooded or aka, I love my Carter – Part 2

  1. carrie i just read through a bunch of your blogs, and i smiled the whole time. i love your writing, and how you tie things into each other. and i miss you. you’re an absolutly amazing woman, with an incredible family. Love you.

  2. Monica on said:

    Ahhh Haaa. I promise to read him the Noah story the next time I come to visit. That is so great!

  3. this so so great, I can completely see him saying that…gazing out the window entirely straight faced!…what a kid!

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