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I want childlike faith

Mykah has recently been trying every trick in the book to prolong her bedtime. Now, I’m pretty sure my parents would tell you that she inherited this from me as I can vaguely recall doing this myself when I was younger, but I don’t think I had this skill quite mastered at Mykah’s age of 2…

Her new thing is to insist that she be a part of the reading of the Bible, reading out of the missionary book and the prayer time in Carter’s room. And it’s a bit tricky to tell her she can’t when I’ve been working so hard to make sure Carter knows how important these activities are! She wants to pick the Bible story, mainly because she wants to get her brother riled up. She wants to pick the missionary we will read about and pray for, for the same reason. Then when it is her turn to pray, she almost always wants to pray for her daddy, which is truly sweet.Β  A few times she has even tried praying by herself without having to repeat after me.

Allow me to set the scene for you…It’s a couple of nights ago and Carter and I are sitting on his bed, having just read the Bible and missionary profile of the night. Mykah has long since gotten down from the bed and is now loitering on the floor, walking around, playing, doing her thing, which probably includes some self-congratulations about how she has once again succeeded in being part of Carter’s bedtime routine.

“Carter who do you want to pray for tonight?”, I ask.

“I want to pray for Mykah’s finger,” he answers, while my heart swells with pride that he is remembering his sister’s ailment (See my last post for the full story on the mashed up fingernail).

“NO PRAY FOR MY FINGER!!!” Mykah responds, while I try to encourage her that Carter just wants her finger to feel better and isn’t it sweet that brother cares about her.

“Dear Jesus, I pray that Mykah’s finger…”, Carter begins and is interrupted with…


He tries again. “Dear Jesus, I pray that Mykah’s finger…”,


He finally gets the whole prayer out. “Dear Jesus, I pray that Mykah’s finger would get all better. Amen.”

Mykah responds adamantly again, ” NO PRAY FOR MY FINGER!!!”

To which Carter triumphantly proclaims, “MYKAH, IT”S TOO LATE!”


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2 thoughts on “I want childlike faith

  1. Monica on said:

    It’s too late! I love this. You have taught Carter well, Carrie πŸ™‚ “And then He goes into action.” Ahh…

  2. jenifer j on said:

    That is so cute yet profoundly encouraging πŸ™‚ . there is something to be acknowledged To not only have faith to pray For God to enact, but to also stand by it after the prayer is spoken ! . i was blessed to read this carrie , thank you for sharing it πŸ™‚ . hope all is well with you – take care, Jenifer j From Lindsay Ont.

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