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Occassionally, ok, more than occassionally, my kids say things that cause my jaw to drop open and leave me completely speechless/stunned/or hysterically laughing. I hope you’ll enjoy the following two snippets of our lives which provided me with much enjoyment this past week…

Mykah received her first Barbie doll for Christmas.  Now, you should know that I was a Barbie-girl growing up. My sister and I had the big Barbie houses, cars, boats, and more clothes and accessories for our dolls than we had in our own closets upstairs. Yes, it’s true, we had so much Barbie stuff, that we  had a whole room in the basement just for our Barbies. (Dad,if you’re reading this, any chance I could get a picture to post of our Barbie shrine?)

Anyway, there is once again a Barbie in my house. Mykah calls it her “Darbie”, not because can’t say her “b’s”, but because she was convinced that “Darbie” was what she was called.

She was sitting at the table last week, staring at Darbie, and I began to hear her calling out Barbie’s body parts with the word “beautiful” in front…”beautiful eyes. beautiful lips. beautiful eyebrows. beautiful hair. beautiful arms.” and  so on. Then – “beautiful boobs”.   WHAT!?!?!    

Another day she told me that I’m just like Darbie because I have boobs, but that she doesn’t have boobs. I’m sure I am not the first parent of a two year old girl to have to discuss boobs with my girl, but I find it strange nonetheless! She is also randomly telling people that she doesn’t have boobs or that she will have boobs when she grows up. All in all, I think I should have stuck to My Little Ponies for Christmas…I would rather explain why she doesn’t have  4 legs and a pink mane!

Carter and I passed a church while I was driving the other day. He pointed it out and I told him that was the church our neighbors attend. He told me that we should go there one Sunday, just once. I told him that we couldn’t because we have our own church, and people would miss us if we weren’t there. He thought about this only briefly, then, “We could pretend to be sick.”

Ummm, how about no!


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6 thoughts on “Frightening

  1. Monica on said:

    … we could pretend to be sick! 🙂 He is so funny!!

  2. love it! your kids are just precious! 🙂

  3. I remember that Barbie room, too! Lots of fun in that basement. 🙂 I also have a vague recollection of helping your mom sort Avon orders. Memories! 🙂

  4. Gerry Gurney on said:

    Not sure I have any photos of your Barbie shrine. Sorry. Dad

  5. Cute! I remember your Barbie mansion down in the basement. You really did have everything they made. You also had lots of stickers and bath toys as I remember too. =0)

    • everydayspectacular on said:

      Teara…And you had all the real people dress-up clothes at your house…those pics on Facebook make me laugh so hard!!!

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