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Recent tales

Ok, I think it’s time for a few recent stories from my children..

Yesterday Jeff took Carter to the local apple orchard place (not at all like my beloved Edward’s Apple Orchard in Poplar Grove, Illinois, but still passable as far as apple-picking goes). Well, they went and then were told that there was a $4.00 each admission fee. WHAT?!? This fee was just to be allowed on the property. Crazy. And, as a rule, we try to avoid Crazy at all costs. They left.

As I was putting Carter to bed last night, he told me what happened at the apple place.

I said, “I know, they were trying to rip you off.”

Carter, “Why were they doing that?”

“I guess they needed some extra money today.” (me, this is code for “We aren’t ever paying an admission fee for the privilege of picking apples that we then also have to pay for)

“Maybe they were raising money for missionaries.” (Carter, the great heart of compassion)


At our church, the kids stay in the main service until just before the sermon begins. Today I was working in the nursery and had to find someone for Carter to sit with as he couldn’t be in with me. After service, I checked in with my girlfriend who gave me the report that he was behaving perfectly until 2 other little boys appeared out of nowhere to sit with them as well. Then apparently Carter was reading to them aloud the book that I had allowed him to bring to church that morning – First Human Body Encyclopedia. He’s very into science and this was a birthday gift from Jeff and I to him.

Well…there’s no great way to say this, so I”ll just come right out and say that Carter had chosen to read to the boys the page entitled “Making a Baby”, all about the female reproductive system, complete with pictures.

Oh, boy. Imagine what those boys told their parents they learned at church this morning!!!!


Mykah’s new favorite pose is standing with her hand of her hip, complete with a tad bit of attitude. I have no idea where this is coming from, but at this stage, it’s super-cute.

One day this past week she came downstairs dressed for the day. She loves picking her own clothes and is amazingly capable of getting even rather complicated outfits on all by herself. The morning I am referring to, however, there was a slight problem. She had chosen a skirt (no suprise there) and a cropped long sleeve sweater with a plunging v-neckline and no shirt underneath the sweater. She couldn’t understand why she was not going to be allowed to wear this out of the house. I told her, “Young lady, you will NEVER be allowed to wear an outfit like that!.” I hope this is not a preview of what’s to come!


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2 thoughts on “Recent tales

  1. Monica on said:

    I love your children!!

  2. Very cute these kids!!! Speaking of Edwards orchard, I actually went there today w/Rose. It was great as always and still no admission charge :)!

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