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I have yet another thing to add to my mental list of “things-that-should-just-not-be-allowed-to-happen” list.
Ok, while this list has actually not been written down, I do find myself adding to it every so often.
I’m sure you have one of these too…

For example, you are in a grocery aisle and a very smelly person is hovering beside you and you can literally feel the stench transferring to you…that would go on the list.
It’s just gross and wrong and list-worthy, and while this has not happened to me recently, I can almost guarantee that it will most certainly be my lot the next time I am out.
Sort of like a blogger’s version of “name-it, claim-it.”

Let’s think of another one, shall we?
You are in that same grocery store and purchase a nice looking pork roast to cook for dinner.
You carefully plan your day around the time it will take to cook the roast and additional side dishes, so that all will be beautifully set out for your husband and children at 6:00.
You are (surprisingly) on schedule, slicing into said pork roast at 5:57, when a great rush of something (angels’ wings perhaps?) causes a disturbance with the knife and suddenly your beautiful roast is in a heap on the floor.

Sadly, this actually DID happen to me this week, and while this scenario definitely belongs on the list of things that should never be allowed to happen, I still served the roast for dinner.

Consequently, if you ever end up at my house for dinner, and I serve Pork Roast Surprise, well, you have been warned.

I would like to humbly request just one more entry for the list for this week…
I woke up feeling strangely tired yesterday.
Then I realized that I had been dreaming about my children, as in, taking care of them
Ummm, I have to draw the line here, people.
My brain is just going to have to get this one sorted out.
I am entitled to a few hours a day where I am not waiting on little people, aren’t I?!?!

Wait, AREN’T I?!?!?!?


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4 thoughts on “Unacceptable

  1. Thanks for the comment!

    I just read around your blog a bit and it’s SO funny that we both have dual citizenship with the US and Canada!! How funny 🙂

    • everydayspectacular on said:

      Jessica. how did you end up having both citizenships? Have you ever lived up North? I married a Canadian and had to go through the whole citizenship process. It was long and expensive and thankfully OVER, but the kids got to be dual automatically, and that was extremely helpful when we moved back to Ontario 3 years ago.
      Thanks for checking out my blog too! – Carrie

  2. Karen Thompson on said:

    Reminds me of the time I baked a birthday cake for company that was coming for dinner. I rushed out to pick up a last minute grocery item and when I returned, I caught our cat licking the icing off the cake. Literally half the cake was icingless. With my company arriving in half an hour, I did the only sensible thing. Spread the remaining icing over the bare parts. When asked why I wasn’t having any dessert, I just smiled and said I couldn’t eat another bite.

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