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Sweet moments with our kids don’t always happen despite our best intentions.

I was reminded of this YET AGAIN this week.

My son had refused to participate in the kids Christmas program at our church.
And, when I say refused, I mean that in the strongest sense of the word.
He refused to be a break dancing shepherd and he refused to read a Scripture, the two options available to him.
He has sat through several weeks of practices, not participating in the slightest.
This lack of participation was apparently perfectly acceptable to him.

This lack of participation was perfectly unacceptable to me.

Let’s not even bring into this discussion the fact that we, his parents, are the pastors of the church. That’s entirely irrevelant.

The simple fact of the matter is I am a mother. And as a mother, I have strong motherly desire to see my little darlings performing up on stage. I want everyone to see my children and affirm that they are wonderful and oh-so-cute.
I want pictures.

Is this too much to ask?

Last year Mykah, only 3 at the time, refused to participate in the production because she wanted to be a person, not an animal.

I think the stubborn gene must come from Jeff’s side. (AHEM.)

Anyway, I was determined that both of my darlings would participate this year.

When normal rationalizing with my son did not work, I tried this one yesterday,just one wee day before the play, “Carter, you could really help Pastor Heidi out and do a Scripture reading. ”

Nothing but more heel-dragging.

How about this one?….”Carter, you could do this and say that it’s your Christmas present to Jesus.”

Nope, don’t get excited…He wasn’t feeling spiritual. No visible change in demeanor or response.

As a last resort…”Carter, we will give you extra DSI time if you will be in the production.”

And, did it work?

Oh yes, it worked!

And, here’s proof that not only was Mykah a person this year, she played Mary…

My momma heart is happy today.


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One thought on “Bribery

  1. Monica on said:

    Carrie! This is so funny! Just catching up on your blog! xo

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