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Self Control

We’ve been having some wee troubles with Carter and school as of late, well, as long as Carter has been attending school.

And, all I can really say about this is that Jeff and I are ON HIM about this, like A LOT.

“Carter, you need to listen to your teacher.”

“Carter, please try to sit up and pay attention today.”

“Carter, please try to get your schoolwork done at school so that it doesn’t have to become homework.”

Ok, you get the picture.

Soooo, when our kids pastor told me today that Carter had been especially attentive during Sunday School today, I was thrilled.

Clearly, he is reaching a huge maturity milestone.

All our talks have finally found good soil in his heart.

My life as a parent is about to get easier. THANK YOU, JESUS.

Well, tonight at dinner, Carter very sweetly informed me, “Mom, when you yell at us, you don’t have self-control.”

Considering that self-control has been the Sunday School lesson the past few weeks, apparently the way to get my son to pay attention in class is to present material that can be used against his mother.

Who knew?



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