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Giving up the ghost, er, dog

There are many, many things that I do well.

Thrift-shopping and drinking un-godly amounts of coffee come to mind.

Apparently I can now officially add something new to my list of “Things I’ve tried to do and failed miserably at”.

I cannot be a dog owner.

Or I should say that I can not be a dog owner while I am also a parent. I just can’t seem to find peace with it all.

Here’s the facts: We got a puppy, Harley, on Halloween. He is a beautiful golden retriever / lab mix and will be an absolutely wonderful adult dog, of this I am sure.

Here’s the rest of the facts: I am not really a dog person.  It’s been a long 3 months.

On Sunday this dog will be “relocating” to live with Al, my father-in-law. We are keeping Harley in the family, we can visit him and Al can do all the work of actually being Harley’s owner. He can walk him daily, feed him lots, fight with him over slippers and shoes, worry over his walls and furniture being eaten, and clean up the hair tumbleweeds that materialize everywhere. As an added bonus, I will no longer have to mend my children’s war-wounds that Harley seems prone to inflicting during “play” time.

(I sure hope Al doesn’t read my blog. Oh, wait, he is a retired man with no internet….see why he NEEDS a dog!)

I am just a teensy bit relieved.

Ok, no, I am A LOT relieved.

Thank you, Jesus, for answering the prayer that I was too scared to pray.

Oh, and, Jesus, if you could help Children’s Aid to not read this blog as well, I would be so appreciative. We are getting so close to having our home officially opened for foster-ing and I really don’t want them to think I will do the same thing with their precious babies.

Babies are still definitely on my “List of things I do well.”


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6 thoughts on “Giving up the ghost, er, dog

  1. Cheryle Lalonde on said:

    You were really ify on getting Harley in the first place and you could have said, “no way” right at the Halloween event (which I probably would have, if I felt like you about dogs and not had been as gracious as you were!!) But you gave it your best shot. And, yes puppies are a lot of work, especially if you have small children. It’s like adding 2 or more extra kids to the family. Some puppies are easy to train and others never stop chewing walls and everything else!! And you only find out all this after you are living with them.
    Harley will be spoiled I’m sure and won’t have Carter and Mykah to compete with so he might be easier to train!!!
    Good move, Carrie 🙂 And you will love Harley more when he is older. You’ll be finding the fur balls around your house for at least another month, though!!!!

    • everydayspectacular on said:

      Thanks for your encouraging words, Cheryle…I KNOW that this is the right decision, and at least I can say that I really did try!

  2. This is funny and insightful… the truth… ha…. shall set you free. You are so blessed to have a good home to ship, um, send the puppy to. I’m happy for you, and a little jealous… ha.. as I type this my 85lb golden retriever pup is barking through the sliding door to be let in… ha. Hopefully everything becomes more peaceful around your home now! (hug)
    Cassandra @ the unplugged family

  3. I am also not a dog person. (((hugs ))) on making it though the ordeal. I’m sure the kids will be pleased that you still get to see him.

    • everydayspectacular on said:

      Thanks, Jen! I think I should just randomly drop the kids off for a few days to spend time with the grandparents and the dog 🙂

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