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The audit

This week has found me spending a lot of time with a new man in my life… the auditor assigned to the Kingsview 2011 financial audit.

Somehow along the way I have become the person that is “in charge” of all the day-to-day financial goings-on at the church. There are lots of safeguards in place and double-checking by the church treasurer, so it’s not weird that the pastor’s wife is filling this position. And thankfully, I don’t have anything to do with anyone’s individual giving records. I am not the tithe-police, thank you, Jesus.

No, I don’t have a long extensive accounting background, although I did work in the Trust department of a bank for a short stint over a decade ago, doing important work like filing and entering figures into spreadsheets that I could not explain.

I think I got this current Kingsview gig because I work cheap. As in, I work for free. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

I also do a pretty good job. (Just being honest, folks.)

But this is the Week of Reckoning.

And I cannot be the only one out there that gets a little nervous at the prospect of all my hard work being exposed and questioned and laid bare.

I think it went ok though. The man that came and exposed, questioned and laid bare the books was a really nice guy. He was wearing a nice suit but driving an old jeep, so I decided that maybe after he gets home from his day job, he eats chips, Facebooks and has a sense of humor.

And let’s be honest, I use humor in most situations that I can get away with it. And while I never felt like I could inject humor into the 2010 auditor’s visit, I decided to use a little with the 2011 guy.

So I said, “Hey, I bet being a pastor’s wife is a lot like being an auditor…you don’t want anyone to find out because they treat you differently after that.”

I am happy to report that I made the auditor smile and that there may have even been a small laugh trailing along behind.

No matter what happens now with the books and the official reports, I think it’s safe to say my work here is done.

And now I have a full year to work on my material for the 2012 audit guy.





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