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For your momma-soul

A dear friend sent me this song this morning, and it really encouraged me. Perhaps you could use the reminder too?…


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2 thoughts on “For your momma-soul

  1. Laura Farraway on said:

    Love the truth of that song Carrie! Scott and I have been HUGE Steven Curtis Chapman fans from way back to the eighties. Great vocals certainly but it is the way he writes from where he and his family are at a given time in life, mountain or valley, that has always touched our hearts. “When Love Takes You In”, written following the Chapman’s first international adoption could not describe more perfectly our own experiences and has been one of Rozlyn’s favorite songs since it came out. It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. Mary Beth Chapman’s recent book, “Chosing to See” is an incredible journey through her life with Steven and her children, mapping the writing of songs to events in their lives and trying to cope and understand the tragic death of Maria. It is honest, real, heartwrenchingly sad and gutbustingly funny. I haven’t quite reached the last page but I would have highly recommended it by the time I had read only the first chapter. Something to fill all that spare time you have Carrie!?

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