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An Observation

I just had two separate interactions with neighbors in which I was wearing my red comfy pajamas.

Yes, those neighbors came to my door, but I opened the door. Twice.

Apparently I have gotten myself to the place where I am ok to converse normally in fleece meant only for sleeping.

I am concerned.



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5 thoughts on “An Observation

  1. ha ha – I think there a number of people who wear pjs during the day, open the door to neighbours and even drive kids to school in them. AND if they don’t go out they may never change out of them. I’ve met quite a few – and I might even be one of them 🙂 In Cambodia a lot of people wear them to shop – I think I may draw the line there. Bless you Carrie.

    • everydayspectacular on said:

      Yes, Sandra! It always makes me laugh when I am out shopping and see people in actual pajamas…I fear I am getting closer and closer to that line!

  2. Laura Farraway on said:

    I meant neighbours…I don’t spell we’ll in my pjs!

  3. Laura Farraway on said:

    While your pyjama drama may have caused you concern, it has been a source of relief for me and, I suspect, for your neibours who have been conversing quite easily in all manner of “leisure” clothing for years now. If people come to your door without calling first they get what they get. When you are in your own home you should feel free to stay in your pjs all day long if you so desire. That is what distinguishes your home from every other building on the planet. I hope this reply finds you in comfy red fleece Carrie.

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