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I realized lately that I am becoming EVEN LESS LIKE the Proverbs 31 woman…
Ever seen this jewel? VS 21 “When it snows, she has no fear for her household; for all of them are clothed in scarlet.”

Because let me tell you…WHEN IT SNOWS, I HAVE MUCH FEAR!!! AND I REALLY DON’T CARE WHAT COLOR MY FAMILY IS WEARING, as long as they are wearing it out the door, to the school bus and over to the school.

OF course, the kids see it all a bit differently, don’t they?

“A storm is coming! Snow is coming! A snow day is coming!”…I imagine the happy cries ringing out through Winona Elementary yesterday.

Carter informs me that he and many of his friends are wearing their pajamas inside out, because that is how they will get their snow day.


But then he prays this and I realize he knows all along that there is nothing magical in turning your clothes inside out….

“God, I would like to pray for a snow day tomorrow. And I hope you get a good laugh seeing all the kids with their pajamas on inside out, and decide to give us a snow day.”

Honestly, I am pretty sure God and I both had a good hearty laugh over that one.

But, alas, no snow day today.
I don’t think Carter appreciated what I imagine God’s answer to be …”Thanks for the laugh, you special boy. I would have loved to have given you a snow day, but for some reason, there were parents all across the city asking that school be open, and I want those parents to believe in miracles too!”

Regardless, I think perhaps I may want to amuse God with inside-out pajamas tonight. My boy has some great ideas.


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2 thoughts on “Amusement

  1. i LOVE this!!!! oh Carter, you are the King of the funniest and most beautiful prayers. Love that kid!

  2. Poor Carter! Even Aliyah didn’t want to go to school today, and said she had a “tummy ache”. Didn’t buy that one! And for the record, I think the Proverbs 31 women wouldn’t have enjoyed snow days either; how else would she arise before dawn to sell her linens in the market and plant a vineyard? Can’t be doing that with kids underfoot! ;P

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