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How low can you go?

This summer has been an absolute whirlwind. Lots of transition and all the ups and downs that go with relocating your entire life from a place you truly love (Kingsview, I’m looking at you!) to a place you are sure that you will love as well (Calvary, can’t wait to get to know you!)

I hope to dissect this in greater detail at some point, but for now, a (literal) low point.

Jeff and I recently attended a beautiful wedding and reception of a former Master’s Commission student of ours, Jen Wilton. Her husband is originally from Pakistan (I think?) and I was beyond thrilled to hear that we would be eating lots of amazing food for dinner including butter chicken, which when the time came, I literally had to force myself to not lick the plate.

During the reception, which was set up with a large dance floor in the middle of two sections of tables and guests, there were two people (Crystal and a friend of the groom) on the microphone coordinating games and toasts and the usual reception goings-on. Jeff and I had ventured over to a table right next to the wooden dance floor on the other side of the hall and were catching up with some old friends, when dessert was called. So, OBVIOUSLY, that was my clue it was time to return to our own table (by way of the dessert table, of course).

Crystal and the groom’s friend were still carrying away up on stage so while the attention was sort of on them, I decided it was time to make our move.

At this point, I began to take steps away from the table….






The weekend we spent in Cambridge in July… the night we met the staff for the first time, I broke my sandal and could not walk in it. And the next day, while walking with a few board members at the church, I tripped UP the stairs. They wanted to make sure I was ok and all I could say to reassure them was, “Yes, I am ok. But that won’t be the only time this happens.”


Anybody else out there a walking disaster? Got a good story for me? I need to know who my friends are!







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6 thoughts on “How low can you go?

  1. Carrie Warrack on said:

    Good morning Carrie! My name is Carrie also (funny, after moving to Cambridge 2 years ago from Kitchener I’ve met 3 new Carrie’s, so you’ll be the 4th!) and my husband Andrew and I attend Calvary (kiddos too of course Jessica 9 and Christopher 6). We are THRILLED to have joining us in a few weeks! And just so you know…it’s a family trait for my side to trip UP the stairs, not down…UP! Must be a Carrie thing too 😉 We look forward to getting to know you and your family and welcome you with open arms to our church family. Sending love and blessings your way as you settle in.

    Carrie Warrack (and family)

    PS I read a couple of your other posts and you’ve literally got me laughing out loud in our home office! Dance floor mishaps are also a family trait! Have a lovely couple weeks settling in and I’ll introduce myself and family to you shortly!

  2. That 7 month pregnant woman singing in the massive Christmas production that didn’t get off stage quick enough before the lights dimmed and fell down the stage stairs in front of several hundred people. Yes, that was me. I also wiped out on a speedbump at McDonalds once. Face planted on the ground. Must have been walking too fast. I stay far away from the dance floor at weddings (especially at dessert time!) – just to be safe!

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Fell down sooooo much I had to replace my unreliable legs with wheels! Now I know you don’t mean to compete with me Carrie but I have always suspected that you secretly envied my chair ever since you tried it out in my kitchen and dented my dishwasher with it. Bahahahahaha!!! Oh how I miss you already.

  4. What is it with church stairs??! Up those steps I went — baby in arms — and my awesome, fashionable and very pointy shoes caught on the lip of the step. Awesome. Caught Annika, just so you know.

  5. Karen Thompson on said:

    Yes Carrie, I am a fellow tripper like you and believe me, it is never a graceful fall. I love your sense of humor and honesty. Carrie, never change. I will truly miss you and hope that your new church understands the blessing they are about to receive as you and Pastor Jeff and kids grace their presence. Hugs, Karen

  6. Corinne Storms on said:

    I will give you a good “LOW” story. Involving the stairs you ‘tripped up’ at Calvary! Christmas Eve service 2012, I was doing a few scripture readings throughout the night. It was the final service, and the lights were dim, pastor David was coming up and was giving closing comments, encouraging people to light their candles, while singing “Silent Night”. I walked off the stairs onto the main floor, tripped on the camera cable that moved at the same time as me and fell dragging my knuckles across the carpet. The first row in the choir gasped and tried to ‘discretely’ to cover my bloodied knuckles with my black long sleeves and joined the choir singing silent night! I have never been more thankful for a dimly light auditorium and 400+ people preoccupied while lighting candles with each other :o)

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