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Car Problems

This past winter wasn’t too bad, all things considered. I do live in the Great White North, after all, and it wasn’t even all that white for most of the winter. It did however, get a bit ice-y, dice-y a few days.

On one of these days I had driven over to a friend’s house for a “mommy playdate” and decided to park in her driveway instead of on the road since it was a bit iced-over.

About an hour after I had arrived, while we were pretty relaxed and drinking our coffees and pretty close to solving all of the problems in the world, the doorbell rang.

Sure that it was a solicitor, but because we were sitting in clear view of the front window and had already been spotted, my friend answered the door. We then quickly learned that the poor guy, who was not in fact a solicitor, had hit some ice, jumped the curb and plowed into my Dodge Journey in the driveway.


Anyway, I finally was able to take the car in this past week for the repair work and ended up in a rental Dodge Journey, 3 years newer than mine.

Yesterday on the way to church, my son was remarking that the rental was JUST LIKE our own car and how you wouldn’t even know it wasn’t our car.

Then my daughter piped up from the backseat… “Only this one smells better!”


My car stinks. Who knew???


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