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Crafty Part 2

I am finally getting around to posting another of my recent attempts at craftiness…I’ve been wanting to “update” my house for so long, and since I don’t have a big decorating fund at my disposal, I’ve been trying to find some things I can do for cheap.

These signs were a perfect solution! All I did was buy some $2 canvases from the Dollar store, homemade modge podge (found the recipe on Pinterest), found a font I liked and printed the words on cardstock, carefully cut them out and then modge-podged them onto the canvases…New wall art for cheap! And I love seeing these visual reminders of my chosen life in my bedroom every day. The saying “I will forever love my choice…you” is especially meaningful to Jeff and I. It speaks to commitment and choice and effort, and the decision that we made to join our lives together over 12 years ago. We never want to forget that we choose each other for life.

Also, Those lamps were $10 thrift store finds. I spray-painted the nasty looking brass/metal angels and base to update the look…Now if I can only find some better lampshades! My plan had been to figure out a way to refresh the ones that came on the thrift store lamps, but, alas, the material was so old that they literally ripped apart. I still have the frames, so perhaps I will think of something to salvage them with. For now, the ones that are on the lamps are ones I already had and although they definitely leave much to be desired, they are at least functional (and paid for!).

What about you…any projects on the go?


Target Trip – 2/23/2011

My CRAZY GOOD shopping deals at Target in Niagara Falls, NY today…

Grand Total Spent: 32.98
2 Boxes of Crunchy Nut Cheerios – sale price 2.50 x 2, used 2 x $1 off Target cpns, used 2 x $1 off Man. Cpn = 2 Boxes for 1.00 total
Box of Honey Nut Chex – sale price 2.50, used .75 Man. Cpn = 1.75
Plaid Shoes for Carter – original price 14.99, on clearance for 3.74
Jeans for me – original price 24.99, on clearance for 6.24, used $5.oo off Jeans from Target online coupon = paid 1.24
4 packs of 3 socks – original price 5.99 each = 23.96 total, on clearance for 1.48 each = paid 5.92 total
2 x Fructis shampoo –regular price 2.99, on clearance for 2.08 each , used 2 x $1 Man. Cpns. = paid 2.16 total
2 x Fructis Body Boost Spray – regular price 3.29, on clearance for 1.64 each, used 2 x $1 off Man. Cpns = paid 1.28 total
Up & Up Mouthwash – 1.39, used $1 off Target coupon = paid .39
Up & Up Floss – .89, used $1 off Target coupon = FREE
2 x Up & Up Pantiliners – .89 each, used 2 x $.75 off Target coupon = paid .28 total
Carefree Pantiliners – .99, used .50 off Man. Cpn. = paid .49
Seventh Generation Dish Soap – 2.69 regular price, used $1 off Target coupon & $1 off Man. Coupon = paid .69
Hot Wheels DVD – on sale for 4.75 (purchased for Carter with some Valentine’s money from his great-grandparents)
Barbie DVD – on sale for 4.75 (purchased for Mykah with some Valentine’s money from her great-grandparents)
Halls cough drops – 1.19, , used $.50 off Target coupon & $.50 off Man. Coupon = paid .19
2 x Wolfgang Puck Organic Soups – 2.29 each/4.58 total, used $1 off Target coupon & $1 off Man. Coupon = paid .58 total
Jet Dry – 2.09, used $1 off Target coupon & $ .75 off Man. Coupon = paid .34

2 x Quantum F1inish Dishwashing Tabs – on sale for 2.50 each, , used 2 x $1 off Target coupon & 2 x $1 off Man. Coupon = FREE
2 x Up & Up Ibuprofen – .99 each/ 1.98 total, used 2 x $1 off Target coupon = FREE
Up & Up Dryer Sheets – 1.37, used $1 off Target coupon = paid .37
Up & Up Bleach – 1.27, used $1 off Target coupon = paid .27
Subtotal: 30.19, TAXES: 2.79
GRAND TOTAL SPENT: $32.98 (Regular prices – at least 119.22!)

Zellers and Fortinos – February 16, 2011


I had a blast using my coupons today…Here’s what I scored and how:

First Pic – Zellers

Loreal Studio Line Indestructible Fixing Spray – Original Price $6.49, marked down with yellow sticker to $3.00. I used a $2.00 off coupon from brandsaver.ca (I think that’s where it was from anyway…?) = Price $1.00

Clorox Green Works All-purpose cleaner – Original Price $2.99, on sale for $1.99. Used a $1.50 off coupon = Price $ .49

2 Ziploc Evolve Sandwich bags 50 ct each – Original Price $2.49 each, on sale for $1.99 each. Used a Buy 2, get $4.00 off coupon from http://www.rightathome.ca = Price +.02!

2 Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayers – Original Price $8.99 each, on sale for $5.99 each. Used 2 $5.00 off one coupon from http://www.rightathome.ca = Price .99 x 2 = 1.98

Fructis Bonus 2 pack shampoo – These shampoos are normally around $4 each. I saw this 2 pack and scanned it – it was only $2.00!

Q-Tips – wish I had a coupon for these, but had to buy them regardless as we are almost out…Original price 3.49, on sale for 2.99

2 Colgate MaxWhite Toothbrushes – Original Price 3.99, on sale for 1.99
2 Colgate Total Toothpastes – Original price 2.49, on sale for 1.99
Used 2 coupons for $3.00 off when you buy one Colgate toothbrush and toothpaste = final price for all 4 = 1.96

Total Original Price = 56.89
Taxes Paid = 4.41 HST
ACTUAL PRICE PAID: 14.81 total! Why, thank you, Zellers!

Then I headed over to Fortinos to pick up a few deals…Second Picture.

2 Snuggle 80 count Fabric Sheets – Not sure if 2.99 is a sale or the regular price, but combined with my $1 off coupons from save.ca = 1.99 each x 2 = 3.98

Clorox Big Size Bleach – Original price is around $4, on sale for 2.99, used a $1.00 off P&G coupon = 1.99

2 Tide Detergent – Original price is 9.49 each, on sale for 4.99, used a $5.00 off WUB2 P&G coupon = 2 for 4.98!

Black Beans – 1.19

A & D Diaper Rash Cream – found in the bargain bin…marked down to 2.94, used $2 off coupon from save.ca = .94

Total Original Price = at least 33.09+
Taxes Paid = 2.85 HST
ACTUAL PRICE PAID: 15.93 total! Why, thank you, Fortinos!

Deals make me happy

February 5, 2010 Superstore deals

Ok, so I posted a few days ago that I was going to be trying to become an even better “coupon-er”, and I think I’m getting the hang of this…

Here’s what I got for 17.94 today at the Superstore – Regular price would have been $89.20!

2 Ocean Spray 100% juice blends – regular price 4.19 each – on sale for 2.99 & I used 2 $1.00 coupons… which makes them 2 for 3.98! The coupon is here: http://www.oceanspray.ca/Products/100—Juice-Blend-Fruit—Veggie,-Cranberry-Strawberry-Banana.aspx Just look for the link on the page and then print to your computer.

2 Glade Ultra Room Sprays – 1.99 each = I used 2 $2 off coupons…which made them both free (1 actually made .02 cents!)

2 Glade Sense and Sprays  – regularly 9.99 each, on sale for BOGO Free…THEN I had 2 coupons for Buy one, get a refill for free, so I got 2 Sense and Sprays and two refills for …9.99 total (regular price – 30.96)

2 Windex Originals and 2 Windex Multi-Surface – this is AMAZING. They were BOGO free at the store and then I had 2 coupons that were BOGO free – so I got them ALL for FREE! (regular price – 15.36)

6 Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaning gel kits – Also AMAZING. They were BOGO free at the store and then I had 2 coupons that were BOGO free – so I got 4 FREE with those coupons. Then I had 2 coupons that were Buy one S.B. Toilet gel and get a free Toilet Duck..so for the last 2 S.B., I paid for one at 3.99 and then got 1 free from the store and then got two FREE Toilet ducks! (regular price for all 6 Scrubbing Bubbles = 3.99 x 6 = 23.94, 2 Toilet Ducks = 3.29 x 2 = 6.58) – I paid 3.99 for all it!

I’m not gonna lie, I get a rush from getting free stuff…

Wanna get some free stuff of your own? Most of these coupons came from http://rightathome.ca/fhj_savings.aspx – Sign up today and then print the coupons on your printer. Take them to the store, use them, go home happy and then let me know how you feel to have saved so much money!

Steal of the week…

Superstore has a big BOGO free sale this week with some AMAZING deals. I went on Saturday and saved over $40 on BOGO free items including Finesse hair products, shaving cream, alfredo sauce,  yogurt, ground chicken, chicken strips, frozen shrimp and english muffins.

I also noticed that Multi-Surface Aerosol Pledge was on sale for only $3.49 (normally $5-$6). If you combine that sale with the BOGO  coupon you can get here: http://rightathome.ca/default.aspx?sC=1 , it makes it an unbelievably good price.

Happy shopping!

Home Economics

I’ve always been a bargain-shopper and sporatic coupon-user as well. When I am planning on doing a big outlet mall trip or even a regular shopping mall trip, I try to search for discount coupons online. I saved a TON of money this past Christmas season with coupons that I found and used, and I was able to even share some of those coupons with friends that were shopping with me. This is truly my idea of a good time…I get a rush from saving money.

This week I realized that while I may be, according to my friends and family, an “amazing shopper”, I still have a lot to learn. I came across a few blogs this week of some of my new heroes…some truly AMAZING savers and home economists.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about shoring up our family’s personal budget and trying to be a bit more careful in those areas that are discretionary. I plan on doing more couponing this year and these are a few sites that I plan on visiting often to help me with this…Let the fun begin!

http://moneysavingmom.com/ – This site is UNBELIEVABLE, I love it…It’s hosted by a mom in the US though, so most of the actual deals that are posted are for the States. However, there is tons of other ideas and inspiration – definitely worth checking out.

http://www.mrsjanuary.com/ – this one is by a Canadian mom – check out the deals she gets with coupons. CRAZY!!!

http://www.save.ca – Sign up with them and get coupons sent directly to your home – All for FREE.

http://brandsaver.ca/en_ca/coupons/ – Sign up with them and get coupons sent directly to your home – All for FREE

http://www.gocoupons.ca/home.html – Sign up with them and get coupons sent directly to your home – All for FREE

http://rightathome.ca/default.aspx?sC=1 – Sign up with them and print coupons directly to your printer- All for FREE

http://printable-coupons.blogspot.com/2005/10/retail-coupons.html – this is the site I love for my outlet & mall trips in the U.S.

 Also, check out http://www.polkadotpantry.com/  this is a friend of mine’s new venture. It’s a service you pay a small monthly fee for, and if I lived in the US, I would definitely sign up, but there are some great free tutorials for newbies on there as well.

I just may decide to let you all in on some of my great deals in the future as well 🙂

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