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Carter-Approved Dental Visits

The thing about my son, now 11 years old, is that he really, truly thinks on a different plane than I do. This lends itself to most of the entertainment in my life and why parenting him can be a bit challenging at times.

Here’s the lastest…

On Saturday afternoon it “comes out” (Read: my daughter told on him) that Carter, in times when I think he has been out riding his bike, has also been visiting the neighborhood dentist’s office in order to sit on their waiting room couch and watch movies.

Yes. Let that sink in. My son has been visiting the dentist by himself. To watch movies.

As far as I can tell, this kid has more guts than I do and I’m, well, a lot older than 11.

Apparently this has already happened a few times with the receptionist approving this activity. I guess on Saturday morning she went so far as to ask him if he was grounded, if that was why he was there. He replied, “No, I’m not grounded. My dad just told me to get out of the house.”

I kept trying to tell him through my not-suppressed-at-all laughter that he was not to do this EVER AGAIN. But then I got to thinking that with all the necessary dental work this kid is going to need, perhaps I should count it a blessing that this is where he’s been choosing to spend his time.

Anybody else have a kid like this???



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